Daryl Woodbeck – Focus on Local Artists – Issue #70

February 2018

Daryl Woodbeck

For this month, the Winnipeg River Arts Council features actor Daryl Woodbeck from Pinawa. By day, he works at Canadian Nuclear Laboratories as an Emergency Preparedness Officer, writing and reviewing policies and training personnel on emergency procedures.

After work, he brings his engaging personality to the Pinawa Players. An actor of long standing, he has honed his skills in plays as diverse as “Lend me A Tanner” (singing opera), “Lafferty’s Wake” (posing as an Irish performer), and, most recently, “Sadie Flynn Comes to Big Oak” (showcasing his comic timing alongside Myles Drynan, his long-term “partner in mime”).

Woodbeck said, “I love the thrill of being on stage, hearing the reaction of the audience, and knowing the cast has given the audience a new experience.”

His passion for live theatre began in the 1980’s as a backstage worker helping with props, set design, lighting, and sound management in Pinawa. After all this valuable experience, he ventured onto the stage with his first role in “The Nerd” and he has acted in plenty of plays ever since. Both Beausejour’s Haystack Productions and Gillam’s Live Wire Productions have benefitted from his work.

Offstage, Daryl has directed such works as “I Take This Man,” “Done to Death,” and “Leading Ladies.” In this last play, presented in 2009, a publicity photo showed him wearing a wig and a smartly tailored dress.

In “Moon over Buffalo,” he worked with his wife, Wanda. She will be directing this April’s production of “Calendar Girls” and Woodbeck will be the prompter for the women in the cast.

The Pinawa Players is now Manitoba’s longest running amateur company. Woodbeck encourages anyone interested in theatre to come and join this incredible group of people. His philosophy to acting is simple – “It has to be fun because the pay is lousy!”

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