Leah Boulet – Focus on Local Artists – Issue #2

June 2012
Leah Boulet

Leah Boulet

The Winnipeg River Arts Council is a new regional organization, ready to support and promote artists and arts organizations throughout Eastman and the Winnipeg River corridor. Once a month, WRAC will highlight a local artist or arts organization. Our second featured member is Leah Boulet, a visual artist who lives in St. Georges. Although she grew up in Pine Falls, she moved to this vibrant and culturally strong community after she married a young Francophone, twenty-five years ago. Boulet has the honour of being the very first artist who joined WRAC. Because she works as an accounting clerk at the Rural Municipality of Alexander office, she welcomes the chance to use the creative and free-flowing right side of her brain in her art. She is also a talented writer but finds that writing often requires too much concentration. Visual art allows her mind to relax and open up after she uses the mathematical left side of her brain all day long.

Boulet does pencil drawings, water colours, and multi-media collages that incorporate “re-purposed” books, journals, and photos from her church. Although she considers herself to be mostly intuitive and self-taught as an artist, in the past, she has taken art classes from Pinawa art teachers and from Pine Falls artist, Roberta Laliberte. Recently, she spent almost a week (June 17 to 22) at an art retreat called Arts West, in the Riding Mountain area. This retreat has been held at Camp Wannakumbac, on the west shore of Clear Lake, for the past twenty-four years.

Boulet’s art work has been exhibited in La Broquerie at a French cultural community exhibit called Carousal, put on by the Societe Franco-Manitoban. Her father, Marcel Pitre, writes monthly newspaper articles and also produces small books about local history that he distributes to friends and family. She helps him by editing his work and hopes he will someday publish larger books so she can illustrate them with her beautiful and unique art.