Jodie Wentz – Focus on Local Artists – Issue #22

February 2014

Jodie Wentz

Jodie Wentz

Winnipeg River Arts Council features tattoo artist Jodie Wentz from Lac du Bonnet. At a very young age, from the moment she first saw them on the television show “Happy Days,” Wentz knew she wanted to create tattoos.

The dancing hula girl tattoo shaking her hips with the flex of a muscle on “Happy Days” fascinated her, as she realized drawings that lived in the skin and on the body could add life to art. This allure carried on through subsequent artistic choices.
In the 1980’s, in small town Manitoba, one simply didn’t speak of tattoos. The response from the adults and their reaction to the TV episode was clearly negative, so Wentz simply told those who asked that she wanted to be an artist.
It took time and confidence to search out an apprenticeship in tattooing. A stickler for rules, the young artist didn’t tackle this learning independently. In April of 2004, she started her apprenticeship in Winnipeg and has been tattooing full time for eight and a half years. In late 2006, she opened Rock Road Tattoo, just outside of Lac du Bonnet.
Wentz continues to develop her skills as the industry changes. She attends seminars, does diligent research and states, “If a tattoo artist ceases to strive and improve, he or she may as well stop. What can be done with inks and machines is advancing so quickly that, if one does not keep up, he or she will become a fossil.”
Wentz is interested in other arts – throwing pottery on a wheel, making jewelry, and working on a series of gender bending fantasy creature illustrations for fun. She is also co-artistic director of Fire & Water Festival and vocalist and co-writer in the band “Carnival Bride.”

To sum up her creative talents, she says “I am a maker. But, of all the things I have made, my daughter is most certainly my proudest achievement.”
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