Kelly Klick – Focus on Local Artists – Issue #111

July 2021

Kelly Klick

For this month, Winnipeg River Arts Council features multi-media visual artist, Kelly Klick, who grew up a homesteader’s daughter in the mountains of British Columbia. For 20 years, she was a registered midwife in Manitoba and, in 2015, she moved to Pinawa.

Like many local artists, the beauty of the boreal inspires Klick; she also gets stimulated and motivated by other artists. She says, “I love the artist, Daphne Odjig, and her quote ‘Mistakes are the best because they take me somewhere else.” I’m self-taught and you could say that I’m still self-learning. My formal training is in catching babies!”

Often working in series, Klick employs different media to create a story. Using rug hooking, oil painting, clay sculpting, and found object assemblage, she will put together a number of pieces to present a narrative. She says, “I always look to evoke specific emotions in the audience. I like to make my art with input from my community, asking questions and getting feedback as I create something. This way it becomes more than just my vision.”

Tree of Life

During the past few months, Klick has been busy. Presently, she is co-hosting Pinawa Art Gallery’s clay sculpture drop-in sessions on Monday afternoons and Thursday mornings, and she also serves as Pinawa Art 211’s vice president.

Early in the spring, Manitoba Arts Network awarded her a seat in their “Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art – Rural Art Mentorship Program.” After RAMP participants worked with mentors for several months, their pieces were displayed in an online show. Klick’s art can also be found in the Manitoba Regional Art Exhibition, hosted on MAN’s website.

This summer, Klick’s art placed second in the Eastman Juried Art Exhibition. Her series, “Mother Cake,” will be exhibited, along with the other RAMP participants’ works, at the Art Gallery of Southwest Manitoba in Brandon (September), Pinawa Art Gallery (November), and Manawaka Gallery in Neepawa (January of 2022).

Mother’s Helper

As well, she received a Youth in Philanthropy Grant to run Teen Mud Pit (teen clay classes) at the Pinawa Art Gallery, and a grant from Manitoba Arts Council to present an exhibition of the RAMP artists’ work – including her own – this November at Pinawa Art Gallery.

Her upcoming plans include: creation of a new series that engages people in her process (working title – “Mother Tree’), collaboration with Art 211’s board to ensure the gallery’s sustainability and visitor appeal when things fully open up, and partnership with Arlene Bohn and Eastman Tourism to put together art experiences for tourists. It’s no wonder that Klick sometimes feels she spends too much time on arts administration and curation.

Check out her work on Facebook, Instagram, and her website.