Pinawa Public Library – Focus on Local Arts Group – Issue #23

March 2014

Left to Right:  Donna Wuschke, Lyn Ewing, Ann Quinn, Michael Luke, Marg Stokes (head librarian), Michelle Long

Pinawa Public Library Board

Winnipeg River Arts council features Pinawa Public Library, located in the same building as Pinawa Secondary School and Community Centre. Nine volunteers serve on the board and the library draws from a pool of approximately fifty volunteers who work alongside staff, checking books in and out, shelving items, covering new books and doing whatever else might arise.

In addition to attending monthly meetings, board members play a hands-on role in overall operations. In contrast to most libraries, Pinawa Public Library has Adult and Junior Selection Committees who meet, suggest new purchases, and, after often lively discussion, produce a list of books and DVDs to be ordered. Their choices, plus items purchased by the librarian and book donations from patrons, make for a diverse and interesting collection.

Chair Michael Luke also serves on the Selection Committee. Ann Quinn, Chair of Operations, runs meetings when Luke is away. Secretary Anne Shifflett records minutes. Treasurer Donna Wuschke also serves on Adult Selection Committee, chaired by Elaine Greenfield. Michelle Long chairs Junior Selection Committee and helps organize the story time program. Jenny Peterson, Resident Administrator of LGD of Pinawa, is the liaison with Town Council. Patty Drew coordinates library presentations. Lyn Ewing, Member-at-Large, keeps an eye on the books and identifies those ready for deletion. Actual weeding of the collection is done through a collaborative process.

Besides specific board duties, all of the above contribute to discussions at meetings and guide development of library policy. Staff eager to greet patrons includes Head Librarian Marg Stokes, Library Assistants Audrey Miller and Cheryl Michaluk, and Student Assistants Kaeli Wilcox, Shannon Gibson and Sophie Hanson. Because their combined work week totals just forty-one hours, the library relies heavily on volunteers.

Pinawa Public Library Board and staff strongly believe that library services should be free and open to everyone. They welcome all patrons who come through their door, wherever they live, and accept everyone for membership.