Richard Cline – Focus on Local Artists – Issue #68

December 2017

Richard Cline

Richard Cline

For this month, the Winnipeg River Arts Council features visual artist, Richard Cline. Throughout his life, Cline has had a working relationship with the natural environment. Now retired in Seven Sisters, he worked for thirty years as a Conservation Officer (Game Warden) in Virden, Lynn Lake, Gillam, and Riverton. His knowledge of the animals and landscape is now expressed in his photo-realistic oil paintings.

Born in Glenboro, Cline learned basic drawing and painting skills from his mother. Initially expressing himself in cartooning and line drawing, he came to love the results achieved by a close examination of both line and colour in the animals and plants he found around his home. Researching master classical painters such as Rembrandt and modern masters such as Terry Isaac and Robert Bateman, Cline has worked to hone his talent in presenting accurate images for the viewer.

Recently he had the opportunity to work with Robert Bateman for a weekend Master Artists’ class on Cortez Island. Cline continues to take classes with other artists in the Pinawa Art Gallery, Steinbach Arts Centre, or with his mentor and friend, Gary Holden.

Cline has participated in the Eastman Judged Art Exhibitions including the Pinawa event (2013), Lac du Bonnet (2015) and Whitemouth (2017). In the latter, he was awarded first and third prize for his entries. He has also applied to be one of the artists in the second annual Boreal Shores Art Tour 2018.

His paintings display his respect and love of the world around him. Now he is challenging himself in a series of portraits as well as doing commissions for clients. He wants nothing more than to continually improve his skills.

To inspire himself and other artists, he quotes this simple assertion from renowned Canadian artist, Robert Bateman, “If you truly love art, JUST DO IT!”

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