Roberta Laliberte – Focus on Local Artists – Issue #25

May 2014

Roberta Laliberte

Roberta Laliberte

Roberta Laliberte ArtThe Winnipeg River Arts Council features visual artist Roberta Laliberte.

Born in Winnipeg and raised in Pine Falls, she is primarily self-taught, since childhood. Through the years, she has gathered knowledge and experience from several sources. In 1993, she attended Mount Allison University for first year Bachelor of Fine Arts, working mainly in acrylic, watercolor, textiles and mixed media.

In 2009, Laliberte began using digital media and creating digital line art illustrations for use in crafting and digital scrapbooking. She has also done freelance work in graphic design, setting up and creating graphics for websites.

In 2010, Allard Library in St. Georges selected her to work on an art installation for their new building. She collaborated with Denise Prefontaine to create The Storybook Garden, a thirty-six panel installation with each 16”x16” panel illustrating a cherished children’s book.

In 2012, Laliberte teamed up with Tanya Magnan, administrator from École Powerview School to get an ArtsSmarts grant from Manitoba Arts Council. She has continued to do arts integrated teaching in the school, working with teachers to bring the arts directly to education.

Roberta Laliberte ArtPowerview School has applied for three other art grants with Laliberte. Heritage, Culture and Sports contributed the first grant which produced The Northern Lights installation. One hundred and forty-seven students learned about the northern lights and worked on this installation.

A second grant from Community Access allowed about one hundred and forty students to participate in an installation called Future Flight Path. The students learned about Canada Geese migration and each student created a feather with their dreams and aspirations written on it which have been used to create the wings and tails of the geese. This installation will be completed by June and the unveiling will be announced