Cathy Gregg – Focus on Local Artists – Issue #132

June 2023

Cathy Gregg

For this month, Winnipeg River Arts Council features artist Cathy Gregg, who has agreed to serve as the new administrator for the arts council. She has extensive experience in human resources, and WRAC is glad to welcome her to their organization. The Lac du Bonnet Chamber of Commerce also employs her as a part-time administrator and she has been involved in organizing several events for them.

Gregg has dabbled in many different artistic endeavors, but her main focus is on fibre art (knitting) and painting, mostly with water-based acrylics. She has done some mosaic work, macramé, and ceramics. Instead of creating paintings that hang on the wall, her favorite thing is to paint on furniture and cabinets; this makes the piece look beautiful, in addition to being useful. She also likes to refinish furniture, using mostly milk paint.

Gregg was born and raised in Winnipeg, and spent about 10 years in Calgary. For the past 14 years, she has called Lac du Bonnet home, living on the lakefront at Pinawa Bay, in the Lee River area. During her time in Calgary, she took plenty of art classes and her passion was born in those sessions.

She said, “I am a goal-oriented person, so I derive pleasure from starting and finishing projects. I am also a very active “A” type person and don’t ever sit down as I’m always busy doing something. Painting and knitting are two things that allow me to be at peace and to enjoy sitting and being creative.”

Although she has not done any instructing or exhibiting of her work, the arts council hopes her new position will inspire her to take steps in those directions. WRAC invites artists of all disciplines to join the arts council, and help “connect people through art.”

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