Fay Campbell – Focus on Local Artists – Issue #67

November 2017

For this month, the Winnipeg River Arts Council features one of Pinawa’s “pioneers,” Fay Campbell. In 1963, she moved from Chalk River and fell in love with the lively spirit of the town and its wilderness surroundings. After her arrival, she met Joyce Hampton, a landscape specialist, who was already finding success as an artist. Campbell signed up as Hampton’s pupil and immediately started to develop her own artistic skills. In subsequent years, Rose Drynan and Vivian Thomson have also mentored her.

In the town’s growing art community, Campbell found further support and encouragement, especially after the formation of the artists’ collective, Pinawa Art 211, and later, the Pinawa Art Gallery.

She is now a “snowbird” and lives part of the year in Texas with her husband Wilf. During her time away from Pinawa, she takes art classes, and teaches and mentors other aspiring artists, completing the circle of instruction.

When Pinawa friends and neighbours move to new jobs, her art often show up in their luggage, as reminders of their former homeland’s beauty.

She said, “My paintings have gone international. They are now hanging in Indonesia, Jakarta, and England, to name a few countries.”

Campbell has found another outlet to display her work, with the many recent Eastman Judged Art Exhibitions in our region. In 2013, she won a third place prize in water colour for her painting “Poppies,” and an Honourable Mention for her acrylic painting of still life hydrangeas. In the 2017, the EJAE judges awarded a first place to her acrylic painting, “Winter Trail.” After a short viewing interlude at the Pinawa Art gallery, this piece found a home in a private collection.

Campbell said, “I regret that there is not enough time for all the paintings I’d like to create but I definitely plan to continue my journey as an artist in Eastern Manitoba.”

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