Nancy Arnold – Focus on Local Artists – Issue #130

April 2023

Nancy Arnold

For this month, Winnipeg River Arts Council features Nancy Arnold, a professional photographer. Her business, known as “Kiex Fotography,” focuses on creative commercial/content photography, and the unique connections of people through family photos, portraits, and wedding pictures.

Arnold also works as a graphic designer, for print and website, and creates whimsical images, specializing in stationery for events, and branding for businesses. In addition, she has set up a mental health initiative on her website and Instagram. For this project, she designed a line of shirts (with lots more items coming) created from her own personal experiences.

“I hope it will help others to become vulnerable with their journeys and know they are never alone.”

Although she lives in Winnipeg, she spends summer months working in Lac Du Bonnet, Pinawa, and surrounding region.

“My dad built our cabin in 1976, so I’ve lived my whole life exploring and enjoying the area. I prefer to work at the cottage and I’m grateful my career allows me to do so. I love doing lake weddings!”

When she attended The School of Art at the University of Manitoba, she majored in graphic design. Although she graduated with an Honours Degree and has participated in internships, she also believes creative talent and passion come from natural instinct.

“I find inspiration in the everyday, and I’ve learned to observe the world around me and see its beauty. I come from a family of artists, and this has definitely shaped my way of thinking as a creative.”

Camera clubs in Manitoba and a Winnipeg photo school have invited her to discuss her composite photography work. And, on her online platforms, she has spoken about her arts practice and her mental health initiative.

Arnold believes it’s important for artists to express their vulnerability and show their imagination to the world. Her photos have been featured in wedding magazines, and placed in international photo competitions. When her father, Hans Arnold, published his award-winning book, “Up North,” she loved working on its design and learning about the production process.

She has already set aside weekends and weekdays in the summer and fall for photography sessions, to service the area, for couples, friends, and portrait photography. If they don’t know any special spots, she’ll take them to magical places, where they can create light-hearted family memories.

“I’m available throughout the whole year, and happy to travel to locations you love. My schedule is available on my photography website.”

Her encouraging words: “Create! Create! Create! Everyone has a unique imagination. And everyone will come up with something different, which makes for community over competition. We all have the ability to create authentic art.”

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