Jan Claude – Focus on Local Artists – Issue #55

November 2016

Jan Claude

Jan Claude

For this month, Winnipeg River Arts Council features visual artist Jan Claude.

Before she moved to Bird River, she lived in Winnipeg for most of her life. In 2010, her family’s cottage became their primary residence. Settling in the beautiful boreal wilderness of eastern Manitoba helped her develop as an artist.

She said, “I am a self-taught watercolour artist who painted part-time but this is where I am now able to explore the medium in a concentrated way.”

Claude loves watercolour as a medium and uses a variety of techniques in her work – from loose washes to detailed crispness – trying to evoke a feeling or capture a moment. She believes that much of the creative process in watercolour is directed by the paint and water and paper – the artist really just guides it.

Every time she paints she views it as an exciting new experience. She never quite knows how it will turn out and finds painting to be incredibly rewarding. She always hopes that she will have captured a moment and evoked a feeling in the finished painting.

In 2015, Claude entered her first juried art show, winning first and third place in the watercolour category. She was also accepted into the Manitoba Arts Network Rural and Northern Juried Art Exhibit in 2016 at the Pavilion Gallery in Assiniboine Park. She belongs to both the Pinawa and Gwen Fox Art Galleries, and the Boreal Shores Art Tour. She hopes to have her website open in the near future: janclaude.ca

Regarding her abiding love of watercolour painting, she said, “I find great inspiration in the beauty and diversity of the land and people that surround us in this great country, and by the hand of God behind it all.”

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