Michael Luke – Focus on Local Artists – Issue #36

April 2015

Author Michael Luke

Author Michael Luke

For this month, Winnipeg River Arts Council features Pinawa writer Michael Luke. Born in England, he came to Canada at age ten and grew up in the Montreal area, on the banks of the beautiful Richelieu River. After graduating with a B.Sc. he did research at a major pharmaceutical company in Montreal for several years before moving with his wife, Anna, and newborn son to Pinawa to take up a job with AECL. Apart from two years in Victoria and two years in Deep River, Ontario, Luke has lived in Pinawa ever since.

He says, “Writing for me has been an ever-present hobby, something I’ve enjoyed for as long as I can remember. I can recall as a teenager buying thirty-five cent paperbacks and thinking to myself that one day I’d like to see my name on a book.”

It took over fifty years, and retirement, but Luke finally made it with his first novel, The Perfect Candidate, a self-published murder mystery set in and around the Whiteshell area. The most gratifying aspect of getting into print has been the reaction of local readers who have told Luke how much they enjoyed his novel.

The Perfect Candidate is the first book of a trilogy. Book 2, The Morning Light Conspiracy, will be available in June. For both books, the many moods of the Winnipeg River, at times scintillating and joyful, at others dark and moody, have been both an inspiration and an effective backdrop. Luke is keen to encourage others with a story to tell or a history to recount to get into print or to go the eBook route. These days, for anyone interested, a range of helpful tools can assist in producing this kind of self-expression.

Luke also serves as chair of Pinawa Library Board and would like to see rural libraries take a bigger role in facilitating authorship.

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