Pam Habing – Focus on Local Artists – Issue #58

February 2017

Pam Habing

For this month, the Winnipeg River Arts Council features Pam Habing.

Habing likes to experiment with different types of art so calls herself a mixed media artist. Right now, she really loves tile mosaics and alcohol inks. She grew up in Beausejour but lived in Winnipeg for twenty years. In the fall of 2014, she moved to Lac du Bonnet to be closer to family and she now works at Community Futures Winnipeg River.

While in Winnipeg, Habing lived for eight years in a loft above MAWA (Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art) and she often got together with fellow artists for art parties. From them, she learned techniques and explored new methods.

She said, “Working with different mediums and colors is therapy, particularly during the winter, dealing with seasonal depression. Also, nature inspires me every day.”

She has many close artist-friends, including Annie Bergen and Stacy Hildebrand. Another artist who inspired her was Marcus Bauer, a former roommate. Habing worked with Bergen on a mosaic mural project on a wall of the old Occidental Hotel, at the corner of Main and Logan. She said, “It took four years and I’m really proud to have been a part of it.”

Although she’s mostly self-taught, Habing attended Red River College in 2004 and graduated from the two year Digital Multimedia Technology Program, which included graphic design, drawing and illustration classes, animation, web design, and video/audio production. While taking these courses, she drew every day.

Habing hasn’t done any formal art instructing but has developed and taught web development courses, geared towards female artists. While involved with MAWA, she designed and maintained their website, created a workshop in partnership with Reva Stone, and taught a DIY workshop on building websites, using online resources.

She has sold a handful of pieces, but mostly makes art because she loves it. Her work has been exhibited in two shows, both at MAWA. One was a fundraiser called “Healing Hands, Healing Art” and another was a show she curated called “Tree Stories.”

Habing said, “I hope that my art sparks curiosity in others to explore, create and have fun! I’ve never considered myself a serious artist but I’ve realized over the years that everyone has the ability to create.”

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