Sarah Paquet – Focus on Local Artists – Issue #133

July 2023

Sarah Paquet

For this month, Winnipeg River Arts Council features artist Sarah Paquet, who lives near White Mud Falls in the RM of Alexander, between St. Georges and Great Falls. She has lived there for almost 3 years, and, 10 years prior to that, she called the same place home for 3 years. During the time in between, she resided in Winnipeg, and in her own words, “I’d never dream of going back!”

Paquet makes jewelry, such as earrings, necklaces, and bracelets; home decor, such as wall art, trinket dishes and other items; and metaphysical pieces such as black/grey salt, runes, and other witchy things. In addition, she works with epoxy resin, and creates all kinds of projects with it. In her artwork, she uses crystals, natural items such as stones, seashells, feathers, driftwood, bone, and more. She said, “I like to collect as many raw materials as possible, and am a firm believer in recycling and up cycling as much as I can.”

Like many local artists, Paquet finds nature to be a huge inspiration, beautiful without even trying. Almost everything she produces has something natural in it, or is inspired by nature. She said, “I wish more of our existence was that way. I try to put as much back out into the universe as I pull in; I leave symbols of thanks, and gifts for what I’ve taken.”

Although Paquet is mostly self-taught, she learned macramé as a young adult, and then re-learned this art as an adult. She uses it often, along with wire wrapping techniques. Via YouTube videos, she learned wire wrapping and resin pouring. To learn various techniques, she follows fellow resin artists on social media. But, she admits, lots of practices helps.

Paquet hasn’t done any instructing yet, but plans to host macramé classes at Pinawa Art Gallery in the fall. Her work can be viewed and purchased in two different places — Manitoba Made in Lac Du Bonnet, and Pinawa Art Gallery. During Piñata’s Birthday Weekend in July, the art gallery was a busy place, and she had 3 new pieces highlighted there. As well, her art will be displayed at PAG during Boreal Shores Art Tour (August 19 and 20).

Her inspiring words: “No art is bad art. Art is subjective; some may love it, some may hate it. But, as long as you are expressing yourself to the best of your ability, you truly own your talent and capabilities. Don’t give up on your craft!”

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